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What is Swinger Unicorn?

A single woman have the willing to sex with couples even for a relationship. Does the unicorn swing girl like it? The answer is yes and they are interested in couples as a third partner who satisfied them. In swinger relationships, some people use the word of “unicorn” to called a single woman who are sink in couples dating?

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As swinger unicorns, they have NSA threesome and give their wife their first adult from another woman, for them, being a unicorn girl is seeking sexual freedom, not only with a man who are married but normal but also meet their wife.

Did you ever thinking about have a threesome or throuple relationship with another unicorn girls as a married couple? May be you heard something new about this from your friends, TV, sex club and so on, sometimes you are wondering to make a agreement with your wife or husband to looking for a swinger unicorn for fun at night on bed.

Swinger unicorns living on both sides of the couples dating and trio world, most of the unicorns was a long term relationship with married couples. In their opinions, the suitable communication is the key on that relationship.


There are many unicorn hunting couples in the reality world but really don’t even know where to begin especially some of them join that no more than one years. For unicorns, they are prefer to being with both a female and a male and eager to pleasure and be pleasure by both, actually they are couples meet unicorn.


We are the best swinger unicorn dating site for couples looking for a unicorn, find local swinger unicorns or swinger unicorns hunting. Unicorn swinger hunting are be a triad relationship with couples. There are many married couples eager to open their new unicorn relationship and seeking a third girl to join.

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